Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Notes 12-19-14

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7th Grade:

You can find a link to the 7th Grade Homework Chart on the Leland & Gray homepage. It is the first option under the "Teacher Web Pages" menu:

Please contact Johanna Liskowsky-Doak, Rence Ricohermoso, Amanda Dixon or Joe Towle with any questions!


Late Bus:

There will be no late bus Thursday, December 11th through Monday, January 5th.

After School Programs:

There will be a brief questionnaire going out to those who attend HEY! Help or any HEY! After School programs, work with a Peer Tutor, are an Elementary School Counselor or Peer Tutor as we are trying to evaluate our current programs.  As a parent/guardian, if you would like to opt-out of the survey, please e-mail Phoebe at


The Players are excited to announce they have chosen Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni as their spring show.  Of course we usually have all shows decided before the school year begins but it's a testimony to our thoughtful and talented seniors that they really wanted to be sure the choice was a really good one for their last show as a Player.

Here are some links for you to check out.

We'll cast in January, we'll learn lots of lazzi, we'll get totally physically outrageous, and we'll have a blast!

ALL are welcome on cast and crew!


Job Opportunities:

Haystack Mountain is looking for Part-Time Weekend, Holiday and vacation employees.  Please contact Renee Mulkey if interested at:  802-464-7734 or 


Softball Players:

Want to get a jump start on your skill work before the spring?  Keene State College is offering three - 3 hour skills sessions on February 8th, 15th, and 22nd in 2015.  You can go online to the Keene State College website and register under "camps" or please see Mrs. Claussen or Mr. Testo for a registration form.

8th Grade Basketball Results:

The eighth grade girls opened their season defending their CVJHL title with a convincing win over an inexperienced Putney team, 56-9.  Six out of eight players scored, and the team played strong defense in the win.  The next game is today vs. Dummerston at 4 pm.


Here is the tentative competition schedule for the season:
DateMountainEventStart TimeHosting SchoolFee
1/20/2015OkemoPipe1:00 PMBlack River$10.00
1/26/2015Suicide 6GS1:00 PMWoodstock$10.00
1/27/2015KillingtonPipe **1:00 PMRutland$10.00
1/29/2015Mt. SnowSlopestyle1:00 PMLeland & GrayFree
2/4/2015OkemoPipe1:00 PMBlack River$10.00
2/5/2015KillingtonSlopestyle1:00 PMRutland$10.00
2/9/2015Mt. SnowPipe1:00 PMLeland & GrayFree
2/10/2015KillingtonGS1:00 PMRutland$10.00
2/13/2015OkemoSlopestyle/Pipe?1:00 PMBlack River$10.00

Zero Gravity Tournament Information:

The Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls will be playing in the Zero Gravity Holiday Tournaments at Keene State College.  Please refer to the following website for game postponements due to inclement weather, tournament announcements and general information regarding the tournament: then click on the ZERO GRAVITY TOURNAMENT icon.

The Girls Tournament runs from 12/20 to 12/22 (snow day 12/23) and the Boys Tournament runs from 12/26 to 12/28 (snow day 12/29)

The Girls Varsity opens on 12/20 at 2pm vs Hinsdale and the Boys Varsity opens on 12/26 at 11:30am vs Hillsboro-Deering HS. All other games and times are determined off of wins and losses.

Upcoming Events:

Please always check Digital Sports for the most up-to-date schedule.  There have been many changes made to schedules in the past week.  Thank You!

Fri12/19/144:00PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballHVs. Dummerston Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Fri12/19/145:15PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballHVs. Dummerston Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Sat12/20/14TBATournamentGirls (V) BasketballHZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Sun12/21/14TBATournamentGirls (V) BasketballHZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Mon12/22/14TBATournamentGirls (V) BasketballHZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Mon12/22/145:30PMGameBoys (JV) BasketballHVs. Arlington MemorialL&G Gym
Mon12/22/147:00PMGameBoys (V) BasketballHVs. Arlington MemorialL&G Gym
Tue12/23/14TBATournamentGirls (V) BasketballHZero Gravity Tournament-KSC (Snow Date)Keene State College
Fri12/26/1411:30AMTournamentBoys (V) BasketballHKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Sat12/27/14TBATournamentBoys (V) BasketballHKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Sun12/28/14TBATournamentBoys (V) BasketballHKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Mon12/29/14TBATournamentBoys (V) BasketballHKSC Zero Gravity Holiday Tournament-snow dateKeene State College
Tue12/30/146:00PMGameGirls (V) BasketballHVs. Woodstock UnionTBD
Fri1/02/155:30PMGameGirls (JV) BasketballHVs. Otter Valley UnionTBD
Fri1/02/157:00PMGameGirls (V) BasketballHVs. Otter Valley UnionTBD
Sat1/03/151:00PMGameBoys (JV) BasketballHVs. Green MountainL&G Gym
Sat1/03/152:30PMGameBoys (V) BasketballHVs. Green MountainL&G Gym
Mon1/05/154:00PMGameGirls (MS) BasketballHVs. Green MountainL&G Gym
Mon1/05/155:15PMGameBoys (MS) BasketballHVs. Green MountainL&G Gym
Tue1/06/155:00PMGameGirls (JV) BasketballHVs. West RutlandTBD
Tue1/06/156:30PMGameGirls (V) BasketballHVs. West RutlandTBD
Thu1/08/154:00PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballHVs. Hinsdale High SchoolTBD
Thu1/08/155:15PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballHVs. Hinsdale High SchoolTBD
Fri1/09/153:30PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballA@ Kurn Hattin HomesTBD
Fri1/09/154:45PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballA@ Kurn Hattin HomesTBD
Fri1/09/155:30PMGameGirls (JV) BasketballA@ Twin Valley Middle High SchoolTwin Valley HS
Fri1/09/157:00PMGameGirls (V) BasketballA@ Twin Valley Middle High SchoolTwin Valley HS
Sat1/10/151:00PMGameBoys (JV) BasketballA@ PoultneyTBD
Sat1/10/152:30PMGameBoys (V) BasketballA@ PoultneyTBD
Mon1/12/154:00PMGameGirls (MS) BasketballA@ Black RiverTBD
Mon1/12/154:00PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballA@ Putney Middle SchoolTBD
Mon1/12/155:00PMGameGirls (JV) BasketballHVs. Hinsdale High SchoolL&G Gym
Mon1/12/155:15PMGameBoys (MS) BasketballA@ Black RiverTBD
Mon1/12/155:15PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballA@ Putney Middle SchoolTBD
Mon1/12/156:30PMGameGirls (V) BasketballHVs. Bellows Falls UnionL&G Gym
Tue1/13/154:00PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballHVs. Walpole Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Tue1/13/154:00PMGameGirls (MS) BasketballA@ Keene AthleticsKeene MS Gym
Tue1/13/155:15PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballHVs. Walpole Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Tue1/13/155:15PMGameBoys (MS) BasketballA@ Keene AthleticsKeene MS Gym
Thu1/15/154:00PMGameBoys (8TH) BasketballHVs. Chesterfield Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Thu1/15/155:15PMGameGirls (8TH) BasketballHVs. Chesterfield Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Thu1/15/156:00PMGameGirls (V) BasketballA@ PoultneyTBD
Fri1/16/154:00PMGameBoys (7TH) BasketballHVs. Brattleboro UnionL&G Gym
Fri1/16/155:15PMGameGirls (7TH) BasketballHVs. Brattleboro UnionL&G Gym
Fri1/16/155:30PMGameBoys (JV) BasketballA@ West RutlandTBD
Fri1/16/157:00PMGameBoys (V) BasketballA@ West RutlandTBD