Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friday Notes 11-28-14

We appreciate your patience as we look for the most streamline and efficient way to distribute Friday Notes to the Leland & Gray community. If you are not receiving Friday Notes by email and would like to or if you would like to be removed from the Friday Notes email list, please email fridaynotes@lelandandgray.org Thank you.


Restorative Justice Training:

A two-day restorative justice training with Dan DeWalt will take place on Tuesday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 9th from 2:45-4:15. The training is recommended for all Leland and Gray community members, staff, students, and parents. Mr. DeWalt has facilitated numerous restorative circles at Leland and Gray in the last five years and will travel to New York City this month to further his training by attending a course offered by the International Institute for Restorative Practices. For more information, please contact Dan DeWalt or Jeremiah Burrow.

7th Grade:

You can find a link to the 7th Grade Homework Chart on the Leland & Gray homepage. It is the first option under the "Teacher Web Pages" menu:https://sites.google.com/a/lelandandgray.org/7th-grade-class/

Please contact Johanna Liskowsky-Doak, Rence Ricohermoso, Amanda Dixon or Joe Towle with any questions!


Information on Senior Pages in Yearbook:
Up to 4 pictures (including senior photo)
Digital format (email attachment preferred) noakes@lelandandgray.org or pictures on a cd
You may include 1 short quote… It must be accurate and appropriate.
Each student’s pictures and quotes must be handed in together (not piecemeal over the next few weeks)

If you do not want pictures and/or quotes please let Nika know.

Deadline: Tuesday, November 25th

Questions? See Nika


Long Sleeve class t-shirts are available for order for $20. See Nika for an order form.

FACS Class:

The FACS Class at Leland and Gray is hosting a Pampered Chef® "Product Raiser" Show! You can go shopping from anywhere and the class will reap the "Host Rewards"!
It’s a simple way to get the hot Pampered Chef® products you have always wanted and support the FACS Class! Just visit our Pampered Chef® Consultant’s website, find the products you want and place your order online.

There are two ways to access the L+G FACS class account and order online.
One method is: Search for "The Pampered Chef" in your search engine.Click "find a consultant." then "Find your consultant." Enter "Kim Martin" and select "Vermont", then click "Find." Her picture will appear at the bottom of the screen. Next, click "shop." In the top left it will say "shows you are invited to or hosting." Make sure it says "11/01/2014 Susan Jones."Right beside "home click "shop" and begin selecting the wonderful, high quality products.

Another way of getting there is: on the company website click on"shows you are interested in or hosting" on the top left. Click:"Looking for a specific show" Enter my email: sjones@lelandandgray.org. and click "search." Near the bottom of the screen, click my name, "Susan Jones." The next screen has a "Shop Now" icon on the right. Click that and begin shopping. Your purchases will be credited to the FACS class account. THANK YOU in advance for your support.

If you prefer to look at a printed catalog, please contact me at sjones@lelandandgray.org or (802)365-7355, ext 128 and I will get one to you. Orders and payments are due Monday, December 1st.

Thank you for your support.


Holiday Cookies:

Cookies, cookies, cookies.  Come bake cookies after school on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Please see or email Ms. Hinds or Ms. Hanson to sign up for this fun and free activity.

Late Bus:

The late bus will be running the following dates:
Monday, Nov. 3 - Thursday, Dec. 11Monday, Jan. 5 - Thursday, Feb 12 Monday, Mar. 2 - Thursday, Apr. 9Monday, Apr. 27 - Thursday, May 28

After School Programs:

Remember that HEY! Help and Peer Tutoring are happening after school and it is important you arrive by 3pm. The same applies for other HEY! After School Activities. Please arrive on time and remember that you will not be allowed to enter the school on A Level after 3pm. We look forward to seeing you at the After School Activities.

We are currently offering the following activities:
Monday: Computer Refurbishing and Weight Training (3-4)
Tuesdays: Dungeons & Dragons, Set Building, Jr. Iron Chef and Open Gym in the Weight Room
Wednesdays: LGTV and Weight Training (3-4)
Thursdays: CLEA and Open Gym in the Weight Room
Friday: GSA

High School Semi-Formal:

The tenth grade class is putting on this year's high school semi formal dance. It will be on Saturday, December 13th at the Townshend Town Hall from 6:30-10pm. Ticket prices will be $5 in advance (there will be a table set up in the lunch room) and $7 at the door. If anyone is worried about the cost, please see Ms. Dixon. 

Leland & Gray Environmental Action Force:

Want to farm?
Want to glean fields of excess produce to bring to the food shelf?
Want to reduce how much trash L&G generates?
Want to bring local produce to your cafeteria?
Want to make upcycled crafts with elementary students?
Want to watch movies on science, art, nature and other cool stuff?
Want to attend student summits to make our school more sustainable?


L.E.A.F. meets every Thursday during middle and high school lunch. See Ms. Davis or Ms. Nyzio



Practice Dates:

Dec 2
Dec 5
Dec 9
Dec 12
Dec 16
Dec 19
Dec 23 Tentative

All practices meet in the Weight Room at 2:45pm.  

Here is the tentative competition schedule for the season:
DateMountainEventStart TimeHosting SchoolFee
1/20/2015OkemoPipe1:00 PMBlack River$10.00
1/26/2015Suicide 6GS1:00 PMWoodstock$10.00
1/27/2015KillingtonPipe **1:00 PMRutland$10.00
1/29/2015Mt. SnowSlopestyle1:00 PMLeland & GrayFree
2/4/2015OkemoPipe1:00 PMBlack River$10.00
2/5/2015KillingtonSlopestyle1:00 PMRutland$10.00
2/9/2015Mt. SnowPipe1:00 PMLeland & GrayFree
2/10/2015KillingtonGS1:00 PMRutland$10.00
2/13/2015OkemoSlopestyle/Pipe?1:00 PMBlack River$10.00


Boys and Girls 7th and 8th Grade Basketball will begin on December 1st at 2:45-4:15pm in the Main Gym and Dutton.  Please make sure your child has the proper paperwork completed for their coach.  If any questions, please e-mail Marty:  mtesto@lelandandgray.org

Upcoming Basketball Schedule:

DayDateTimeEventSportH/AOpponent/TitleFacilityResultBus Depart
Mon12/01/145:00PMScrimmageGirls (V)HVs. Hinsdale High SchoolL&G Gym
Mon12/01/146:30PMScrimmageBoys (V)HVs. Hinsdale High SchoolL&G Gym
Wed12/03/145:30PMGameGirls (JV)A@ Springfield High SchoolRMS Dressel Gym3:45 PM
Wed12/03/147:00PMGameGirls (V)A@ Springfield High SchoolRMS Dressel Gym3:45 PM
Fri12/05/145:30PMGameBoys (JV)HVs. HartfordL&G Gym
Fri12/05/147:00PMGameBoys (V)HVs. HartfordL&G Gym
Mon12/08/145:30PMGameBoys (JV)HVs. Brattleboro UnionL&G Gym
Mon12/08/147:00PMGameBoys (V)HVs. Brattleboro UnionL&G Gym
Tue12/09/143:30PMGameGirls (8TH)A@ Kurn Hattin HomesTBD2:15 PM
Tue12/09/144:00PMGameGirls (MS)A@ Keene AthleticsKeene MS Gym2:30 PM
Tue12/09/144:45PMGameBoys (8TH)A@ Kurn Hattin HomesTBD2:15 PM
Tue12/09/145:15PMGameBoys (MS)A@ Keene AthleticsKeene MS Gym2:30 PM
Tue12/09/145:30PMGameBoys (JV)HVs. Arlington MemorialL&G Gym
Tue12/09/147:00PMGameBoys (V)HVs. Arlington MemorialL&G Gym
Thu12/11/144:00PMGameBoys (7TH)HVs. Walpole Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Thu12/11/145:15PMGameGirls (7TH)HVs. Walpole Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Thu12/11/145:30PMGameGirls (JV)A@ Windsor Jr/SrTBD3:30 PM
Thu12/11/147:00PMGameGirls (V)A@ Windsor Jr/SrTBD3:30 PM
Fri12/12/144:00PMGameGirls (8TH)HVs. Putney Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Fri12/12/145:15PMGameBoys (8TH)HVs. Putney Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Mon12/15/145:30PMGameGirls (JV)A@ Otter Valley UnionTBD3:15 PM
Mon12/15/147:00PMGameGirls (V)A@ Otter Valley UnionTBD3:15 PM
Tue12/16/144:00PMGameGirls (MS)A@ Green MountainGr.Mountain2:45 PM
Tue12/16/145:15PMGameBoys (MS)A@ Green MountainGr.Mountain2:45 PM
Wed12/17/145:30PMGameBoys (JV)A@ Woodstock UnionTBD3:15 PM
Wed12/17/147:00PMGameBoys (V)A@ Woodstock UnionDailey Gym3:15 PM
Fri12/19/144:00PMGameGirls (8TH)HVs. Dummerston Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Fri12/19/145:15PMGameBoys (8TH)HVs. Dummerston Middle SchoolL&G Gym
Fri12/19/145:30PMGameBoys (JV)A@ West RutlandTBD
Sat12/20/14TBATournamentGirls (V)HZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Sun12/21/14TBATournamentGirls (V)HZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Mon12/22/14TBATournamentGirls (V)HZero Gravity Tournament-Keene State CollegeKeene State College
Tue12/23/14TBATournamentGirls (V)HZero Gravity Tournament-KSC (Snow Date)Keene State College
Sat12/27/14TBATournamentBoys (V)HKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Mon12/29/14TBATournamentBoys (V)HKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Tue12/30/14TBATournamentBoys (V)HKSC Zero Gravity Holiday TournamentKeene State College
Tue12/30/146:00PMGameGirls (V)HVs. Woodstock UnionTBD